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  • AUTODROME MOTORSPORT is in developing process



MgA. Robert Kolouch / Hellshot666 – ič73823201

mobile game developer (levels modeling, 2D graphics, Sound FX

Complete Cars simulations, track maker, AI challenge maker



Ladislav Zima

mobile game developer (programer C#, cars physics, scripts for car realistic  simulations)




Hellshot666games in Contact with :

Jan Mesarč – programer

Michal Brabec – programer



Infotext about 2D graphics, 3D models and audio licencing in games:

In HELLSHOT666GAMES are used many buyed and free assets from unity asset store for gaming process.

Many stuffs used from internet from different places all with CC0 licence just free.

In web page and apps are many photos and free sounds buyed or free CC0.

Fonts used from google fonts library with open font licence.

If somebody see some licence problem please contact


CC0 License

✓ Free for personal and commercial use

✓ No attribution required

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